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View a person in a 'Family Browser' view.

This shows the name of the person, pictures, notes, close relations, and any other data available for this person.

You can search for any person to view, using the search criterion below. Or you may want to start with David J. Mitford, one of our eldest ancestors in this database.

You can view a list of all individuals in our database, or just those matching the search criteria listed below.

Clicking on any person in the list will show you the details of that person in the Family Browser view. Or you may click here to see a list of all individuals in our database.

See people in our family tree in a chart view. Although this is a bit slower, it's a great way to view our ancestors.

You can click on any name in a chart to see that person in a Family Browser view. You can click on a chart hyperlink to navigate between the charts.

You can choose any chart from the following list, or you can start with our recommended default chart.

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