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The genealogy on this web site is the opinion of the site administrators. We try to keep it up to date wherever possible. We always welcome feedback, particularly any information about any part of the family tree that we have left out or are unaware. If you have any information, whether it be documents, family tradition or any other source, please feel free to contact us by fillng in and sending this form.

You may also request to be given login access for private information contained on this web site. The request should be accompanied by a brief explanation of your reasons for doing so. Note that we reserve the right to limit access without explanation.

You may also request information about living persons, if not already restricted, to be marked as restricted from public viewing. In this instance only a user with login access is able to view this information.

Where privacy restrictions are currently in force you may request that information be made generally accessible to the public. This request may only be made if you or your direct familiy is the individual/family you are requesting be made public. We may at our discretion request verification of identity for such requests.

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